I have worked successfully with people worried about:

anxiety, stress, depression, loss, work-related issues, social isolation, moral dilemmas, confusion, shock, worry, fear, panic, assertiveness, aggression, drug use, communication difficulties,  dissociation (distinguishing of reality from imagination, memory, fears etc.), grief and loss, memory lapses, self-esteem, unmanageably strong feelings, and a number of other symptoms and situations

Most people require a private one-hour session on a weekly basis, although sometimes it makes sense to be flexible about this. We can meet at my office in PAJE House, a prestige Edwardian building on the West Wycombe Road, a mile or so from High Wycombe town centre.

My method consists of

  • listening to you carefully in an open, patient, and respectful way
  • identifying what can be seen as positive – your inner resources and your existing support
  • identifying the most important difficulties you face
  • developing with you ways of tolerating or overcoming the difficulties

Technically speaking, I take a humanistic / phenomenological / existential approach, but I use plain English rather than any professional jargon. I do not use any specific technique you don’t fully understand and agree with. We need not address issues that you don’t feel ready to face. In time you will begin to trust your own judgement to recognise and use your own capacity to change what needs to be changed in order to feel better.

Therapy in High Wycombe – outcomes

Counselling / psychotherapy as a treatment for depression consistently outperforms drug use, placebos, and doing nothing (waiting for time to heal you), especially in the long term.

Your contact with a Counsellor will end when you feel you have made gains that you can sustain on your own.

Like Sir Walter Raleigh, I search the horizon hopefully for new land. Over the horizon of immediate consciousness, expectation, assumption, fear, habit, and past experience, we find our freedom to live a better life.

Psychological Therapy – contact with an independent, professional, qualified Counsellor