Sometimes, the impact of life’s events can be unexpectedly severe or confusing. Many of us suffer in silence, even when it gets hard to bear. When no-one seems to notice, listen, or understand, we might feel lonely, worried, hurt, or angry. Yet for all of us, anxiety and uncertainty are recurring features of life.

Counselling can awaken you to the fact that there is someone you can talk to to regain direction and balance. You need not be alone in the process.

Counselling is about reconsidering the difficulties in your life. Being listened to patiently and without judgement can encourage you to clarify your thoughts and feelings. You might begin to consider fresh ways of running your life, and you can build emotional resilience for the future.

The overall length of time spent in therapy depends on the history and complexity of the topics you choose to consider in your sessions. The work can finish when it is clear to you that you have made gains that you can sustain without the Counsellor’s support.

We call our service ‘WHAT MATTERS‘ because we focus on the issues that you think are significant, and we respect every individual’s right to address their difficulties in their own way and on their own timescale. We do not attempt to fit you into any particular theory, or expect you to deal with with sensitive concerns straight away.